Competitions & Diplomas

The Ultimate Girevik Cup™ encourage everybody to host their own competitions. Everyone is invited to organise small or big competitions in all Stages of The Ultimate Girevik Cup™.

How to set it up, is up to you, as long as you make sure to comply with all the rules. A good start is to contact the local IKMF country rep, but it’s not mandatory. Having IKMF judges is mandatory though!!

All competitions MUST have IKMF judges judging the lifts. All athletes must be weighed by a judge or assistant.

Compliance with IKMF rules is indispensable. Check all the rules here

Read more detailed about Dress Codes and Helpers.

Below you can download diplomas for use in local competitions.

Diploma Stage 1 2020

Diploma Stage 2 2020

Diploma Stage 3 2020

After each local competition the results are to be sent in for registration and compiling.

The local IKMF representative have to download and fill out the Excel result sheet and mail it to

Result sheet in Excel format for download: Result sheet UGC ver 2019

The Result Sheep has been updated with the new Double Disciplines.


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