Disciplines, Weight Divisions, Age Divisions & Score Coefficient

Each athlete has 30 min to perform as many repetitions as possible without placing his/ her kettlebell(s) down. The athlete may change hands at will. If the athlete puts the kettlebell(s) down before the 30 minutes are over, his results will be voided (score = 0).

Athletes must compete in the same discipline at each of the 3 stages throughout the league, but may use different kettlebell sizes. If any athlete wants to, it is possible to compete in more than one discipline – or all of them.

Athletes compete according to their discipline and weight category, using a coefficient based on the kettlebell size they chose to lift.

Weight divisions

  • Women: -60, 60-70, +70kg
  • Men: -75, 75-85, +85kg
  • Weight fluctuations: an athlete may end up being in different weight classes over the course of a year. However, his/her heaviest weight category will be used for the final score.
  • In the case of a tie, the athlete with the lowest body weight wins.

Age divisions

Age is calculated according to the athlete’s year of birth, NOT the actual birthday.

  • Junior division: Under 15
  • Open division: 15-49 years
  • Veteran division: Over 50 (Veterans are free to compete in the open class)


One Arm Disciplines:

  • Long Cycle
  • Jerk
  • Snatch
  • Half snatch

Two Arm Disciplines:

  • Long Cycle
  • Jerk
  • Half Snatch

Kettlebell Size & Coefficients

In 2019  a whole new coefficient system was introduced. The new 2019-coefficient does not differentiate between junior, men, women og veteran and it is the same for all disciplines.

KB Weight in kg Coefficient
4 0,36
6 0,55
8 0,74
10 0,94
12 1,14
14 1,35
16 1,57
18 1,79
20 2,02
22 2,25
24 2,49
26 2,74
28 2,99
30 3,26
32 3,52
34 3,80
36 4,08
38 4,37
40 4,67

Check with the organizer of an event which sizes will be available to compete with!


Score = repetitions * KB coefficient

The score from each stage is accumulated into a final total score.


If a male athlete does Half Snatch with 24 kg and achieves 420 reps.

Score: 420 x 2,49 = 1045,80 points

A female athlete does double LC with 2x10kg and achieves 275 reps.

Score: 275 x 0,94 = 258,5 points


Athletes from Norway, Denmark and Finland in The Finale of The Ultimate Girevik Cup 2015 in Sønderborg, Denmark