Video Submission

Video submission is allowed in The Ultimate Girevik Cup

Athletes are allowed to participate in the Ultimate Girevik Cup™ through  video submission. The video submission MUST be judged and validated by an IKMF certified judge. By contacting your IKMF country representative you can get help to find a judge. The judge does not have to be from your own country.

Video submissions must be accessible online and contain evidence of body weight and KB weight. The IKMF judge must validate the score, body weight and KB weight.

The Agreement between athlete and judge is voluntary non-profit and concluded directly between the parties, but still any arrangements for fair compensation for the judge is fully approved by the Ultimate Girevik Cup™.

The video must be clear and have full frame image of the athlete from ground up and to top in lockout. Make sure to test your video recording first with regards to both resolution, light and frame size.

Video submission results must be sent in to the Ultimate Girevik Cup™ by the IKMF judge or the IKMF country rep. Both must be done by mail to

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